With my small abc creative editorial office in Freising, north of Munich, I specialize in the multifaceted communication aspects of the textile creative sector, especially patchwork, quilting and related forms of textile art.

My editorial work includes

  • Marketing and PR consulting for companies in the creative field
  • Collaboration in the planning, organization and staging of exhibitions
  • Translations (English, Spanish, French, German), technical editing, proofreading, co-authoring and layout design for textile DIY books and exhibition catalogs
  • Editing and maintaining of websites, social media and blogs dedicated to creative topics
  • Creative copywriting in the field of textile arts and crafts, interviews with and portraits of international textile artists, exhibition reviews, etc.
  • Creation of modern abc Quilt Designs in cooperation with international quilt magazines and individual commissioned work.

I’m always interested in exploring new creative cooperations. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch via e-mail at anke.calzada@abc-creative.de.

Besides my editorial work, I publish DIY digital patterns for modern quilt projects based on my own abc creative designs and run the textile label PASACANA – the creative liaison of traditional textile art and modern design for exclusive handcrafted living accessories.

Geometry of Colors